The Ambassador rank embodies everything we stand for in Rapid Serenity, and honours our commitment to always strive to do things differently, and to make everyone have the best experience possible during their time with us. The Ambassador helps us continue that pledge by creating a wider range of senior members to help organize events, deal with questions and generally be there to help you - our most vital asset.

The Ambassador rank will be awarded to players as the next stage of advancement past Elite rank, and promotions will be granted at the upcoming ceremonies. However, we do not want people to think this is but a distant ambition, we are welcoming applications from all ranks for the new role of Ambassador, but of course, only those already at Elite will be ranked up to the new level. We will guarantee that commitment to the role even for those at member rank, will see accelerated promotion prospects as they cement their place within the role and demonstrate their ability to act in the new position. If you think you have what it takes and would like to play an active part in our community, apply below.

Important notice: we would expect the Ambassador, as part of their duties, to organize at least 1x PLANNED event per week, it can be a Heroic Group Run, a Flashpoint, or an OP for example, and this weekly commitment will be a recurring responsibility every week. We will, of course, give a more detailed set of rules relating to the role but you understand the essence of it from what is conveyed here.
If you have any additional questions, please contact either Remus or Vigilanis via this website, discord or in game.