Members of Rapid Serenity

Our guild is a busy place nowadays and the place we occupy on the server has seen us become a substantial presence, not just on our regular conquest topping endeavours, but also as a guild many people are seeking to join. With new members joining regularly it is important to encourage them, and remind our long standing loyal members, to make sure we all read the guild rules carefully.

Most of our guild rules are common sense and based on respect for your fellow members. However what we want you to take away from them is that we do actively maintain a situation where we never discuss politics or religion in guild chat, and we always are respectful of you and your heritage regardless of your nationality, religion, sexual orientation or other defining factors that make you who you are, and you will never be judged negatively for any of them. We strictly forbid hate speech, racism, sexism and xenophobia at all times and you will never be exposed to them within our guild, if you are please contact us and we will always deal with it swiftly and decisively. We always try to ensure that elitism never creeps in and you never feel “left out” because you are new or inexperienced, again, please contact us if you have any issues relating to this.

This may seem rigid and controlling but it these exact rules and this exact ethos that has seen Rapid Serenity survive and it remains one of our greatest strengths.

Sometimes maybe we get it wrong and fail to identify an issue before it is too late and a member leaves. For this we apologize and can only say that we, again, do truly value your inclusion here in our guild. Newer members should always feel they can talk to us in game or send us a message on the website if they need help or have an issue, this is the cornerstone of our in-game family and the reason why so many have stayed for so long.

Also to all members we would ask you to remember that the leaders cannot be ever present and we are not always there when incidents may transpire that affect the fabric of our guild or indeed negatively impact upon a member's time with us. for this we have a simple procedure we would like all members to follow:

Firstly: If you are online and a dispute takes place, either involving yourself or happening in guild chat / group chat whilst you are observing, please make a note of what happened. and who was involved

Secondly: Importantly we would like you to take screenshots of the chat thread relating to the dispute, which is important for clear evidential reasons as nothing is lost in how it is conveyed to us when a direct screenshot is used.

Thirdly: If nobody is available online from the leaders or Inner Circle members, then please contact us via this website or in-game mail, and bring the situation to our attention, you can send a message to Remus (R-emus in game), Romulus (Ro-mulus in game) or Vigilanis (Vigilanis in game) from the leaders, or indeed any of the Inner Circle members, you will be able to identify these members by their rank being Inner Circle from the guild list in-game.

Please note: this will always be a confidential process and we will never violate that, we want to ensure that everyone feels comfortable reporting to us what has happened in an incident, without fear of ridicule or becoming involved in the dispute for reporting it to us. Our members must understand that many disputes in the past have been brought to our attention and dealt with promptly using this exact three point system above and it has served our guild well in ensuring we can create and maintain the best community possible for your time in Star Wars The Old Republic.

Also, you shouldn't think of this as "snitching" or going behind someone's back, we would like you to think of it as an important community responsibility in order to keep your guild as the place you know and love, and making sure your guild mates have that same experience too. After all, you would hope to have that same support from your guild mates if you were to experience something negative within the guild yourself.

Thank you all for your ongoing commitment to Rapid Serenity, we truly value and are appreciative of each and every one of you, old and new. Thank you.

by Vigilanis, R-emus and Ro-mulus