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Rapid Serenity is one of the top Republic Guilds on the Darth Malgus Server, with over 900+ members. We offer new recruits the chance to share their adventure with a community of great players by their side, always with the freedom to pursue the end game content they choose.

We have PVE, PvP, GSF, RP, and Crafting teams for you to get involved with, and we host varied events almost every night of the week. We are expanding constantly and we are always looking for new recruits to join our friendly and experienced community. We always fundamentally promote the ethos that our low level members are just as important as the high level veterans of the guild. We actively dissuade elitism and foster an environment that is welcoming and helpful to all our members, whatever your level, class or subscription status….

We have a realistic outlook on the guild and realize that our members are people, and sometimes our real lives can keep us away due to work, family life, school etc. For this reason, we have a relaxed attitude to the amount of time you spend online. We only remove inactive guild members after several months offline. This is not a punitive punishment of any sort, it is merely to ensure that a large guild such as ours has the room available for new active members to join. If you are going to be offline for an extended period of time, but still want to return to your guild later, just let us know!

Although we operate a friendly and welcoming environment to our members at all times, we can only maintain this by making sure that the following rules are adhered to by our members:

Team work is the key to the guild – Always support other guild members wherever possible.

We never discuss politics or religion in guild chat

Zero tolerance of insults, discrimination of any sort or fighting. We are a multi-cultural guild representing countries, customs and beliefs from across the planet – this is only possible with a commitment to equality at all times. We are always respectful of you and your heritage regardless of your nationality, religion, sexual orientation or other defining factors that make you who you are, and you will never be judged negatively for any of them. We strictly forbid hate speech, racism, sexism and xenophobia at all times and you will never be exposed to them within our guild, if you are please contact us and we will always deal with it swiftly and decisively.

We always try to ensure that elitism never creeps in and you never feel “left out” because you are new or inexperienced, again, please contact us if you have any issues relating to this.

Although we are primarily a mature guild, we do prefer to actively dissuade the use of bad language in Guild Chat. This is a point of respect for our fellow guild members.
If a conflict occurs or you feel you have been insulted, please contact an Inner Circle member, or our leaders Ro-mulus, R-emus or Vigilanis. We always take matters that breach the spirit of the guild very seriously.

We would like to ask also that any members taking part in organized guild OP activities download Discord as this allows our OP Leaders to convey instructions easily and quickly. You don’t need a microphone, and only need to listen. Please note that this is not compulsory, it will just make life easier for all involved. PLEASE NOTE: Text and voice chat within Discord is subject to the same rules and restrictions as relates to the rest of the guild so please remember to be respectful of others using Discord please.

If you are a new recruit, we operate a system where you are required to register on this website, which is quick, easy and free in order to be promoted to full member status in the guild.

Other than that, we hope you enjoy your time with us in the Star Wars universe, and we look forward to having you by our side as we face what challenges and foes that await us across the galaxy….