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RapidSerenity  -  Star Wars The Old Republic PvE/progression/PvP/GSF/RP guild. Darth Malgus serve...
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Star Wars: The Old Republic - PC - Darth Malgus (EU)

Darth Malgus (EU) - PvP

Class Requirements (Level 1+)
class Jedi Knight
class Guardian (Tank,Melee DPS)
class Sentinel (Melee DPS)
class Jedi Consular
class Sage (Healing,Ranged DPS)
class Shadow (Tank,Melee DPS)
class Smuggler
class Gunslinger (Ranged DPS)
class Scoundrel (Healing,Melee DPS,Ranged DPS)
class Trooper
class Commando (Healing,Ranged DPS)
class Vanguard (Tank,Melee DPS)
Recruitment information
Rapid Serenity is a Republic guild on Darth Malgus server in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

If you are reading this page then you are obviously interested in joining the Rapid Serenity community, so thank you for visiting!

In Rapid Serenity we run regular Conquest activities, we have PvP and GSF focused players and officers with weekly events as well as regular Ops teams including a regular Progression OP’s team. We also run regular RP events. We have the full 10% bonuses you would expect as well as a fully unlocked Flagship – The Pillar of Serenity – at your disposal! We also have a sister guild, Rapid Fury – for your Imperial characters to still benefit from our community when you are taking a walk on the dark side!

Here at Rapid Serenity we like to do things a little different, we pride ourselves on our members never being a “number” or there to just inflate a population to make us look better…no, we actively ensure that from day one, all our members feel included, and truly welcome. We do not tolerate or promote closed inner groups of members that isolate themselves from the guild and never include other members in their activities; we make sure you are always welcome to take part in the activities you love in our guild.

We do not ever discriminate against F2P / preferred players, or players that are new and still learning about the game and need that all important guiding hand as they learn their way around this amazing world we have at our fingertips in Star Wars: The Old Republic. We also welcome veterans and experienced players, looking to bring their vast experience to our family, and be a real part of shaping the future for us all.

Of course, we can only preserve this guild structure through actively promoting our guild rules, they are there as a guideline for all our members and it ensures that you will always be respected and feel comfortable when you are online.

Guild Rules Overview

Teamwork is the key to the guild – Always support other guild members wherever possible.

Zero tolerance of insults, discrimination of any sort or fighting. We are a multi-cultural guild representing countries, customs and beliefs from across the planet – this is only possible with a commitment to equality at all times.

Although we are primarily a mature guild, we do prefer to actively dissuade the use of bad language in Guild Chat. This is a point of respect for our fellow guild members.

We would like to ask also that any members taking part in organized guild OP activities download Discord as this allows our OP Leaders to convey instructions easily and quickly. You don’t need a microphone, and only need to listen. Please note that this is not compulsory, it will just make life easier for all involved.

If you are a new recruit, we operate a system where you are required to register on this website, which is quick, easy and free in order to be promoted to full member status in the guild.
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